NGVAFRICA Project, Propels Minister Segun Obe to Break Protocols

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The NGVAFRICA Creative Team had a visitation with Minister Segun Obe and this is an excerpt from the meeting.

Segun Obe said, I am a Gospel Artiste and I have been a Vocal Coach over the years, trained so many choirs across different denominations home and abroad.

I Believe i have explore the gospel artiste part of me and people want to see the other parts of me which is what i am doing Right now. I can be very thorough And at the same time flexible. So i will say i am unpredictable. While i am teaching the NGVAFRICA contestants, the lion in me can come out and the dove can as well come out.

I have been together with Minister Sammie Okposo for over 20years and his recommendations to be the NGVAFRICA Vocal Director was God Ordained and a right step in the right direction. It got to a point that we always get to see like everyday because we both worship together in Pastor Paul Adefarasin, House on the Rock Church.

I agree that i have never seen a gospel music Reality TV show as compared to what we see in other genre.

With this strength and energy the NGVAFRICA Creative Team is putting into this project, It shows you have got the zeal and passion, Fear is a killer and this has been a stumbling block for so many people stopping them from achieving their dreams. Some persons will come to me saying they are just trying to do a project with no direction and insight about what they really want to do.

In his Words, He Said “The way you guys are going about it, i was like i love the confidence wrapped up in humility which is beautiful including the Passion in what they are doing. You guys are amazing and that already got me”

NGVAFRICA Project, Propels Minister Segun Obe to Break Protocols

My personal secret when the project manager called me is this “i am longing and Really looking forward to meet this guys physically because i was blowned away hearing NEW GENERATION VOICE AFRICA GOSPEL MUSIC REALITY TV SHOW”

The contestants will really gain a lot, They wont just be learning the voice training alone From my teachings but it will definitely be a time of personal encounter that will contribute to their self development.

I was part of MTN Project Fame Pre-Audition and i have an idea of what production should Be. I am hoping to come into NGVA production and be caught with great surprises like wow, this is a hit and it keeps going that standard way. What appeals to me is excellence. You see, a persons mind by his environment.

I am very happy that this is going to happen in my own generation and i am going to be a part it. Not at a time when i am really old and not fit to partake of it.

You guys are making history. I want you to see yourself as pacesetters. Its not going to be easy but i want you to have it at the back of your mind that what you have started now is a movement and My prayer for you guys is that by the 2nd week of march 2021, you are going to celebrate the after party of the NGVA Project.

You are becoming soulwinners for the kingdom of God and People will say If you guys can do it which i see you already making it happen, i will serve their God and this will be your testimony in Jesus Name (Amen). i hear God speak that you guys are operating in a next dimension spirit and this will be an overflow With a speed of light. when some things happen in the course of this NGVA Project you will remember this moment we are having together because nothing is stopping you. You are not just going to move from level to level but from dimension to dimension and infact its already done. Challenges will come but you just have to ignore them. Keep going, Keep Moving without loosing focus on the endgoal.

The team that makes up the NGVAFRICA Crew with the set up you have are seasoned people that are around and have been around doing great things. I am not always everywhere because When you put yourself out too much, you wear out. its like a car that you use everyday and this makes the viscocity to wear out. There is a point you get to and be humble but dont over do anything. Just do things in moderation. i am very happy been nominated by you guys because you are pacesetters (i have said it before and i am saying it again). I cant wait for march when you guys are going to be celebrating and i want to be a part of the celebration.

The Creative Team Led by the Visioner – Humphrey Israel, Project Manager/Creative Director – Kola Williams OJ, Mary J Billions – Road Manager/PR, Innocent Ejigue – Logisitcs Manager and Eixir Peace – Content Supervisor/Fitness Instructor all testify saying the Visitation with Minister Segun Obe was an EXPLOSION.

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