Nigeria May Soon Explode – Ex Methodist Prelate, Sunday Makinde Says


Former Prelate of the Methodist church in Nigeria,
Sunday Makinde, says the prevailing hunger and
hardship in Nigeria may cause the country to
explode soon. Speaking at a christian leaders
meeting in Abuja yesterday August 15th, Makinde
accused the ruling party of being part of the corruption it says it is waging war against..

The APC is part of the corruption in the
country. They are not fit to be there. They
must handle the issue of padding very
carefully. We are sitting on a keg of gun
powder. The day it will explode, it will
consume us. So many graduates are not employed. Unemployed people are the
people behind the militancy in the Niger
Delta region. I want to warn Christians in
the National Assembly. They should be
careful. They should not take the issue of
Sharia law and the grazing bill in the National Assem

bly lightly” he said.

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