Nigeria Needs An Energetic Leader – Pastor Tunde Bakare Speaks On Buhari’s Health

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Pastor Tunde Bakare, leader of the Latter Rain Assembly and  former vice-presidential candidate of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change has blamed the political terrain of Nigeria for the choice of an elderly president in person pf Muhammadu Buhari.

Bakare spoke at a conference yesterday shortly after his Sunday morning sermon titled, ‘The birth pangs of a new Nigeria’.

In his words:

‘If you want to know whether the President (Muhammadu Buhari) is getting better (and) recovering, I said in the course of that message he’s on the sure path to recovery. Give him time. The Niger Republic has not seen their president for a while. Nigeria needs an energetic leader but the circumstances of our polity have brought us to where we are that the same country that the likes of (Yakubu) Godwin ruled at the age of 30 is now considering people in their 60s and 70s to administer it. 

He continued to say:

“What happened in France recently is a clear sign that there is going to be a change of guards almost worldwide. But let’s accept our own thing and resolve our issues with wisdom.  (Between) the man in the intensive care unit and the doctor treating him or wishing him dead, you don’t know who will die first. If God sent Isaiah back to go and tell Hezekiah that He was adding 15 years to his life, He is the only one who can do what He wills to do. Nobody should wish another person dead. We should just pray, because you would put Nigeria in disaster.”

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