One Major Problem We Face In African Is Bad Leaders – Sonnie Badu

Award Winning Artiste,Sonnie Badu took to his IG page.he said

One problem we face as Africans is this: Some leaders at the top are gift and dream killers. There are so many gifted individuals  in Africa. I can show you a CHRISTIAN Ronaldo, I can show you a Messi , I can show you those who can sing better than Beyonc√© and even run faster than bolt all found in Africa. We have so many gifted folks  in football (soccer) in music and in the arts but the problem is leadership. Those at the top tend to not support their own. They will not give you an opportunity even though they know you are more than capable to handle it. It leaves the dreamers with few options, you either pay a bribe and compromise yourself or you give up on your dreams. This must change. May God help Africa and deliver us from oppressors rule ..

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