Open Letter From DaBoomsha To The Christian HipHop Community In Nigeria


Dear Christian HipHop,

I understand! This message is for all my comrades on the frontlines,my urban missionaries advancing the frontiers of our most cherished culture and spiritual movement known as Christian HipHop. To all the CHH artistes, DJs, Media Outfits, Labels, event organizers and other stakeholders in Lagos, Abuja, PH, Jos, Kaduna, Ilorin, Makurdi and other states scattered across Nigeria as well as the diaspora.
I hope this open letter meets you well and in fine mettle. It is an undeniable reality that regardless of our diverse backgrounds and denominations, we share the same passion, pain, burden and joy. We all carry the tribal marks of sacrifice for the cause for which God has called us to champion. We proudly fly the banner of Christian HipHop in the face of the wind of adversity knowing fully well that God has called us to be the last line of defense against the corruption being promoted through music by the media. Dear comrades, I understand…
A lot of us are tired, dispirited, exhausted and feel like giving up. Ours is a thankless job. We are caught between a church that refuses to accept us and a world that only celebrates it’s own: between a Rock and a hard place. We have been braving the odds for almost two decades now with no respite in sight. The situation seems bleak..*sigh* Yes I understand. However, I bring a message of hope. Our glory days have just begun! These are the birth pangs! The growing pains! The beautiful struggle! Keep pushing, fam! Dig deeper into God and pray that He grants us out of the riches of His glory, to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in our inner selves. Then rise up and build! Let’s create the platforms and set up the structures on which future generations will ride to victory. To achieve this we must synergize. We must complement and not compete with each other’s effort. Whether you are called to reach the streets or to minister to the church..or both at the same time. We must work together! Everybody has a gift and/or a lesson for the next man’s benefit. We can all learn from each other! Remember, we are the last hope for our generation. For the sake of our seeds and generations yet unborn,we must not give up. We might not look it now but sure as the sun rises our dispensation comes upon us. We cant and will not fail! Be strong.. Rise and build! One love. #Boomsha

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