Oritsejafor On Fake “Commercially Minded” Pastors, Says “Goodluck Jonathan Did His Best To Fix Nigeria” Fuel Scarcity & More


Outgoing CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) President Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor gave a noteworthy interview
with Punch Newspaper.

In it, he talked about ‘fake’ pastors, being shocked reading negative things about the last President – Goodluck Jonathan and his thoughts on other current affairs, including about the fuel scarcity and President Muhammadu Buhari.

Here are some excerpts:

Do you believe certain ills in the church attract this worldly conduct?

Where is the place of business in the church? I think
the problem we have in the church is that a lot of these pastors are not “men of God” as they were not called. They are mercenaries, commercially minded people. The duty of the church is to preach morality not materialism and because Nigerians are very gullible; they are easy victims of deceit. They fall prey to some of these pastors or prophets of doom. The way they live gives a wrong impression of what should be in a church of God. There should be no room for material possessions. I am not saying a man of God should not live a life of comfort
but it should be a life of good comfort.

How would you describe your relationship with former President Goodluck Jonathan?

I’m often shocked to read on the pages of newspapers negative reports about him (Jonathan). Goodluck Jonathan is my son and he is still my son. He meant well for the nation and he did his best, but if critics say he was bad; I don’t know the parameter they measured that with. It is unfortunate that Nigeria’s governance speaks different processes, especially those termed to have failed. Nigerians see that as an avenue to pour out their anger, insults and others. Goodluck Jonathan did his best to fix Nigeria but sabotage swung into action to ensure he did not succeed. It is laughable to read so many negative and unfounded stories about him. However, he had played his role as President and the rest is history. Our relationship is still cordial and as a leader of a church, I’m the father of all.

What about President Muhammadu Buhari?

I thank God for all that has happened. Nigeria is at present undergoing processes with a view to improving the economy and wellbeing. I am glad with the slogan ‘change’, but we must pray hard for
the manifestation of the change. President Buhari has the integrity of no food for lazy persons. It is okay but we must make moves for consistent prayers for him to succeed, Nigeria is our noble country, we must salvage it together consistently with prayers. Buhari’s reformation should be holistic and not targeted at particular persons or sectors. It is a welcome development to fix Nigeria as a noble country. Buhari’s polices may be too hard for Nigerians but with time they (the policies) will pave way for true democracy, Buhari should keep Nigerians abreast with the economic reform policies and ensure they are well structured.

What is your opinion on the current fuel scarcity?

It is a phase and it will fizzle out in no distant time. I want to charge the petroleum saboteurs to steer clear off their illicit activities and ensure that fuel crisis is a permanent thing of the past. Nigeria desires the best as a nation and all hands must be on deck for prayers for all to overcome.

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