Oyedepo Releases Own Version Of Prophesy For Nigeria


– Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith
Church acknowledges that the country is facing
economic challenges

– He however says the country is only
witnessing a face in its history and that it would
bounce back from the challenges

– He also said private universities, especially
the ones owned by churches, are in existence to
liberate the education sector

Founder of the Living Faith Church (LFC), Bishop
David Oyedepo, has declared that in spite of the
many challenges facing Nigeria, the country is
moving forward.

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church

Oyedepo, who also owns Covenant University in
Ota, Ogun state, said this in a telecast while
addressed local and international assembly of the
church workers, Daily Times reports.

The report said he told the workers that the
country and the church are undergoing a period of
revival which requires sacrifice.

said the emergence of private tertiary institutions,
championed by the church, has helped to right
moral codes in the country’s educational system as

well as help to eradicate cultism and activism.

Noting that academic calendars of private
universities had been maintained while lecturers in
public institutions often embark on strike, he
added: “Private universities are here to restore the
glory of the nation; it is clear that something is
brewing in Nigeria.

“Nigeria’s healing is taking place now, and the
health of the nation is being restored now.

“We are pushing darkness back.”

He urged Christians not to stop interceding for the
country as their rewards would come from God.

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