Pastor CHRIS Oyakhilome & Pastor Benny Hinn – “The 5 Solid Facts Of The Gospel”


The greatest miracles are performed with words. You must understand the importance of words.

1 Peter 5:11 This is the testimony that God HAS GIVEN (watch the tenses- he already did it) us eternal life. Eternal life is a fact. It’s a fact.
Understand this life and train people in living it. You have to learn it. All things are under your control. The only things you have no control over are other people’s lives.
You have to believe the Word.

You know what is righteousness by looking at God. Righteousness is the unveiling of the father’s love. It is divinity manifested in humanity. It’s the rightness of God. Walking in the light of his word. You know him, he knows you. Ephesians 5:25
Pastor teaches how to get rid of the devil from your body! Don’t stop talking. Talk some more! Of it doesn’t work, you didn’t talk enough. Remember, you can sink in his presence. Many Christians have sunk in the presence of Jesus.
Healing is for babies. It is the children’s bread. There is a natural process for the restoration of the body. Divine healing is for the babies. Until you know who you are it will be theory. It has to be taught. Children of God have to learn it. You have to consume the word of God.
Righteousness is a fact. 2 Corinthians 5:21 – I am the outworking of God’s righteousness. When I come into a matter, I bring forth the righteousness of God. I know who I am. I am the unveiling of God’s glory.
What do you use the Word for? I have to respond to God. Example of Samuel. Sometimes God talks to you with the voice of the minister you know. The voice is a human. Eli had to teach Samuel to respond. Your response is where the blessing is.

He reigns in me. He has dominion. Satan is nor moved by you casting or demons. He just changes his approach. There are more demons than humans on earth.
The dominion of Christ is a fact. We have dominion over all things. Philippians 2:5 The church has to learn to use the name of Jesus. They have to.
He is real. He is a loving God.

Relate to him like a person. Talk to him like a person. He is more than a power.
You have to talk to him all the time. Always be in communion him. You will never miss your way. You will never be on darkness about anything.
Follow the Holy Ghost as he knows. Speak in tomgues.
Speak in tongues frequently. You will never have a dryness in your life. The purpose of prayer is not to ask for things.
You will never see wealth like what the church is about to have. Stop asking for what you already have. Live in super-abundance. God’s children have to live advice the world limits.
There is no lack for us. That’s why we gonna shake this world. The world doesn’t know it. But we will tell them.
There is a time many of you need to pray to cause a change. Then the more you know the less people you need. Then you come to a place where you some can get the work done.

Acts 1:8-9 as a Christian you must believe in the resurrection of Christ. If you don’t believe, you are not a Christian. Christianity stated at the resurrection not in the cross.
The siblings of Jesus did not believe he was from above. They heard he resurrected. Remember one day, the last service will be peaches. The last singer would have come in. My eyes are the return of Christ.

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