Pastor Iginla Calls Out Nigerians For Letting Ailing Actors Die Helplessly

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Pastor Iginla The Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja, Joshua Iginla, has called out Nigerians for neglecting ailing Nollywood actors and actresses alike.

He harped on the need to assist them when they are helpless as they have helped to entertain the country with their profession.

He made this known on Sunday during a church service, while presenting a new Peugeot 501 to a Nollywood actor, Mr Ayo Emmanuel, popularly known as Nollywood Policeman.

It would be recalled that to celebrate his birthday in May, Iginla, gave out 32 cars out of which were 16 SUVs and money running into several millions of naira to the aged, widows, orphanages and scholarships to orphans from nursery school to university.

Six Nollywood actors and actresses got Hummer jeep 3 series, Mercedes G-Wagon and Mercedes CLS 550.

Also, the pastor had donated N1million to save ailing Nollywood Star, Martins Njubuigbo, popularly known as Elder Maya, who painfully passed on to glory,  barely two weeks ago.

The pastor expressed concern that many Nollywood actors and actresses were suffering due to piracy.

He said, “The level of piracy in this country is serious; I hope government will do something about it.

“These Nollywood actors and actresses are Nigeria’s ambassadors who are projecting the image of the country to the world favourably.

“Many of them have died prematurely because they are hardworking but piracy has crippled them.

“We enjoy watching their films but we watch them when they are helpless with none to help them.

“You think they are rich just because they act rich men’s and women’s roles but many of them get 50,000 naira for a role and they may not get another role until about three months later,” he said.

Iginla enjoined Nigerians to assist those in need, saying “I give because I rose from grass to grace; so I understand that I will only live in one house and ride only one car at a time.

“Many of them have died prematurely because they are hard working but piracy has crippled them.

“We enjoy watching their films but we watch them when they are helpless with none to help them.”

Iginla also pledged to sponsor the reconstructive surgery for an acid victim in India.

The victim, Jamila Yusuf, 26, who was allegedly bathed with acid by her fiancé requires about N10 million for surgery.

A medical doctor who followed up her case, Dr. John Eghosa, said she had chemical burns and has had surgery at the National Eye Centre, Kaduna, to preserve her eyes.

According to him, she has a 60 per cent burns on her face and 10 per cent burns on her body.

While urging people to contribute to save the victim’s life, the pastor presented N5million to her, even as he pledged to complete the money by next week with another N5 million if the balance was not raised by then.

He said, “I think Nigerians should rise up to defend the rights of women; to lay your hands on a woman is injustice.

“I just don’t know how a man can do this (pour acid) on a lady; some people are just animals; how can you disfigure a lady like this.

“We have hundreds of them (women) like this that they have done this wickedness to.

“I am not doing this for her because she is a member of my Church; I don’t know her from anywhere; she’s even a Muslim and not a Christian.

“We are only doing this to preach love and not to convert her to Christianity after her surgery in India,” he said.

The Cleric said he would sponsor the trip, feeding and everything that was required for her to live a normal life.

“We are working to get them visa this week to go to India; we will pay every bill.

“I already have 10,000 U.S. dollars and by next Sunday, I will complete it.

“This is an opportunity to show love to your neighbour because she’s not a Christian; your neighbour must not necessarily come from your religion or ethnic group.

“This is the problem with the country; we think the person who comes from my religion or ethnic group is the only one that is my brother or sister.

“It is not that we have the whole money in the world but this is a spirit of giving,” he said.

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