Pastor Jola, The Wife Of The Owner Of Kingdom Africa Sent This To Us


please I need 5 minutes of your time. I understand that DSTV is planning to take off Kingdom Africa TV and Kingdom Africa is presently negotiating desperately for this not to happen. Whilst they are still talking and negotiating with them, I think it is important that we let DSTV know that there is a large number of us who appreciate clean content on our TV screens and not just junks. Please help take 5 minutes to contact DSTV through the details below to let them know that you need Kingdom Africa TV as part of the bouquet you pay for. Please dont keep quiet at this time, we must make our voice heard, it was first INI, then One Gospel and now it’s Kingdom Africa. Forward to all your friends and all lovers of Christian TV.

1. Facebook РGo to their Facebook page  You cannot write on their wall so you need to comment on the last post.

2. Twitter – Tweet or DM @DStvNgCare

3. Email – Send an email to [email protected]
God bless as you make your voice heard. Lets do something like Esther at such a time as this. Esther:4:14. I guess they always do this because they feel we will always do nothing, let’s proove them wrong this time.

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