Pastor Kumuyi Urges Nigeria To Shun Night Clubbing, Cultism, Other Negative Social Habits


The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life
Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi has charged
Nigerians to shun night clubs, cultism and other
social vices. Kumuyi made the call while speaking
on the topic “The Supernatural Beginning of a
Better Future,” at the ongoing Lagos City-wide Crusade in Agege, Lagos.

According to P.M News, he urged Nigerians to root
out the habit of night clubbing, cultism and other
negative social pastimes from their lives and
surrender to Jesus who has the power to break the
negative habits from their lives.

“Every plant that has not been planted in your life shall be rooted out. You would have gone to
school, but night club will not allow you; you would
have earned money but roaming about will not
allow you. The original plan and purpose of God for
your life will be fulfilled. People could not get the
original plan God has for them because there has been a derailment. Satan, the society and sin
conspired to derail your life with the cooperation of
self. Your destiny which has been in the hand of
Satan, the society and sin will be taken back. All that
Satan has planted in your life to make you miss
God’s plan for you will be taken away tonight. A glorious beginning is starting in your life today. You
must cooperate with God by rooting out those
things. That place where you engage in occultic
practices, drunkenness, sucking of blood, adultery,
robbing and others is not a place of rest because
they will destroy you. You must not remain in sin. Awake and put on a new strength. Rise up from
that evil and come to the Saviour and something
good will come to your life” he said..

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