Pastor Saeed Abedini: If Christian Don’t Reach Muslims With Love Of Christ, Muslims Will Reach Them With Jihad


Iranian-American pastor Saeed Abedini has
warned that if Christians don’t reach Muslims
with the “love of Jesus Christ,” then Muslims will
reach them with jihad.

“If we don’t reach Muslims with the love of
Jesus Christ, they will reach us with the love of
Allah, which is jihad,” Abedini wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Abedini, who converted from Islam and spent
three years and a half in prison in Iran for his
Christian faith, has slammed the teachings of
Islam in several statements, arguing that it’s a
“lie” to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion.

“If Muslims say: we are peaceful, ‘it’s a lie.’ The
Qur’an teaches that Muslims must fight and kill
(Jihad) unbelievers. ‘Wherever you overtake
them’ until ‘religion is Allah’s,’ i.e. Islamic law
rules all societies (2.Sura Al _Baqarah(Cow)
2:190-193). Regarding to the Qur’an’s verse, Christians and Jews are included to make them
Muslim or kill them in entire the world,” Abedini wrote back in March, following the Easter Sunday terror attacks on Christians in Pakistan.

The mass suicide blast in Lahore killed at least
72 people, and Islamic terrorists said it was
specifically aimed at Christians.

Muslims leaders around the world, such as
Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa President
Maulana Ihsaan Hendricks, condemned, at that
time, what they called a “heinous and
cowardly” attack on Christians.

“The Islamic teaching in the Quran states that,
‘Whoever kills a person, it is as though he has
killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it
is as though he had saved all mankind,'”
Hendricks said, arguing that terror groups
refuse to respect this teaching.

Abedini insisted, however, that Muslims who
are peaceful and do not believe in violent jihad
are following a “new religion.”

“ISIS, al-Qaeda, Taliban, Islamic Republic of Iran
are practicing the real Islam by destroying
churches and killing Christian every day,” the
pastor wrote at that time.

He argued that there is no region in the world
where Islamic societies are coexisting with
others in peace.

“So, where is the place which the most
completest religion of the world known as
Islam (as Muslims say) and Muslims believe that
works peacefully in the entire world?!” he
asked. “The answer is ‘NO WHERE.'”

Abedini says on his website that he convered to Christianity at 20 year old, leaving behind
Islam, and felt called to plant and grow
churches in his native Iran, despite the
persecution he faced.

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