Photos: Controversial SA Pastor Refrigerates Another Church Member


Pastor Daniel Penuel from End Times Disciples
Ministries, who is also known as the Snake Pastor
commanded a male member of his church to sit in
a refrigerator for 30 minutes. According to their
Facebook page:

During Sunday Live Service Demonstration of God’s
Power The Man of God Prophet Penuel while
ministering about Offence causing God not to
perform? He said ” they will burn me and I won’t
be burned” just like Daniel in the Lion’s den. He
commanded the young man to enter in a deep refregerator that was switched on and very cold
and fall into a deep sleep.

The Man of God closed the deep refrigerator for a
period of thirty minutes without opening it. The
young man after being commanded to wake up
he confirmed that he was inside the Father
( Prophet Penuel ). I and the Father are one, so
when you see me you see the Father.Offence causes God not to perform. All things are possible
with God. To God Be The Glory!”

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