Photos: Ty Bello Shares Portraits Of Children At The Born IDP Camp


MAMAGANA : I want to be a tailor when I grow up . I really like fashion . I have my brother here with me .

TY Bello who visited children at Borno IDP camp
said the children shared incredible stories with
her. She shared some of the stories and some
portraits of the kids she photographed. She also
made a video where she taught the children how
to say ‘Hi’

MAGAMA Im still a little confused . I was
asleep when Bokoram came to our town so
I still don’t understand why I’m at the camp.

My name is Hafsat Mohammed .Boko Haram
Terrorists came to our town .. They killed
my brothers and sisters . I now live here at
the camp and go to school. I am in primary
2. When I close my eyes I imagine a
tomorrow Where I’m a doctor and I’m helping other people

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