Praise Report: Crippled Man Walks Immediately After Ap. Johnson Suleiman Prays For Him In London (Photos)

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A huge miracle has been recorded during a Omega Fire Ministry crusade in London.

According to a post from the “We Love Apostle Johnson Suleiman” Facebook account, the founder, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, healed a crippled man.


This was the first miracle recorded from the crusade, tagged, “Raw Power London”.

Raw Power London.

Miracle number 1 now recorded..

Jehovah the Doctor heals a man of inability to work without an aide.

He started to walk INSTANTLY.

give JESUS a big hand clap!

Miracles are real..” the caption read.


Miracle in London

Pictures of the miraculous event were also shared.

The miracle aligns with the mandate of this church, which is to “wipe out tears, restore people to their destinies by the revelation of the word, manifestation of power and reality of the Holy Spirit.”

According to the church’s website, God also told the founder to“put an end to affliction; I AM SENDING YOU WITH AN OMEGA ANOINTING…”



Apostle Suleiman is not only known for his miracles, he is also known for his prophecies.

These include the death of a Nigerian governor another World War (Russia Vs America), terrorist attacks in Washington and New York.


Is God Not Faithful? Our God Is Always Faithful.. Glory…

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