Praise Report: “How God Raised My Dad Back To Life After Being Dead For 3 Hours” – Rosemary


Most times I just can’t fathom the marvellous works of God. when he says yes no one can say no. He is the alpha and omega. 

My entire life has been revolved round the blessings and favour of God. in short if I’m to narrate the multitude of miracles I’ve encountered.Thousands of years isn’t enough to narrate it. 

On Thursday morning my Dad bade us goodbye as he left for work. we all reciprocated not knowing he was heading for death. 

After he arrived at his working place, he and his friend decided to travel down to Cotonou to negotiate the purchase of a vehicle.

Shortly after that he complained of difficulty in breathing, he told his friend his ordeal, his friend immediately went to a pharmacy to get him an inhaler. 
My Dad on the other hand had used all the drugs he had on him but all to no avail. 

Unfortunately while holding on and waiting for his friend to come back, he was crying and confessing Christ telling him to have mercy that he doesn’t want to die eventually he slumped and gave up the ghost. 

My Dad was lying lifeless for over an hour and half, his face was already swollen and dark when his friend came back. 

My Dad’s friend screamed on sighting him, he threw the drugs away and was crying and screaming, calling God, interceding on my dad’s behalf, telling God to restore my Dad, because how would he return a friend who came to him alive and now is dead. 

All this while my Dad saw himself embarking on an endless journey, all of a sudden the road was blocked, he couldn’t proceed, he then turned back, while all this was happening in the spiritual realm, my Dad couldn’t control himself, it all happened in a twinkle of an eye. 

As he turned back when he couldn’t proceed, he heard a voice telling him not to go back, threatening him to stay. 
To cut the long story back my Dad spirit returned, he became conscious after being dead for 3 hours

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