PRAISE Report: “If You Say There Is No God, Let Me Show You My JAMB Result”


Hallelujah!!! dear people of Kingdomboiz join me thanks my God 4 me.i finished sec. sch. in the year 2012.That was the first time i tried out Jamb examination,then it was a paper base test[with fresh brain, out from the secondary school,as usual i was expected to pass the examination].But when the result came out it was a misery one. As i, score a total marks of 84 with chemistry missing[it come be like say them come dey follow me from my village] . but i didn’t lose hope! as i proceed to studies OND in computer Engineering and Advance Diploma in Software Engineeering @Lagos.[but as expected my mama used the jamb result to torment my life any time i bleep up or anytime i mention something about university degree.] to cut the long story short! i decided to try out this year jamb examination, but to be sincere! i was so afraid as i have been out of touch with CHEMISTRY,PHYSICS more especially MATHEMATICS so how am i going to pass this examination?. I sold my precious phone[as i didn’t have money] just to purchased the jamb pin @ the officially closing day of the registration. Fast forward! i was given monday 15 of may as my examination day.Money to get to the examination centre was another wahala but miraculously the money came,i was checked,got into the examination hall ushered to my exam’s system and instruction was given for all the examiners to logged in.I logged in! my time Began to ticked, my heart too began to Beat faster like a Yoruba talking drum.

Where will i start??[That was the question i ask myself cos by this time i didn’t know anythings in PHYSICS,MATHEMATICS and CHEMISTRY as English was my only hope]. And the security was so tight! cctv cameras everywhere at the corners of the hall.Fast forward i began to tick my answers on english,i spent like 1hr 30mins to answer questions mainly on English and i,used the remaining 30mins to ticks answersRANDOMLY on CHEMISTRY,PHYSICS and MATHS  [i ticks some answers A,some B some C some D and i will begins ticking from D,C,B,A again all, ignorantly].MY time remaining 3mins to go i pressed S,i said a short prayer of helps from above before pressing another Swhich means i have submitted my exam,but was not happy at all.

Inside a Bus on my way back home! i overheard a guy said to his friend on phone if his result is not favourable he knew a man who can upgrade his result with a sum of#30,000.I was tempted to make enquiring about this said man. But when i remember that i,didn’t have any penny i just kept quiet and said the following prayers.

Lord Jesus if someone can take a bribe to upgrade someone’s result.Lord please take all the Glorys and upgrade my result- Amen“.

Surprising when my result came out this is what i score!…..i’m so much happy considering the level of my preparation i, have been away from CHEMISTRY,MATHS,PHYSICS for over 5years nows.


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