PRAISE Report: No More Lust Problems After Confessing Righteousness


I just want to thank Pastor Prince for his
teachings. I had a problem with lust for many
years, even though I was saved. I would
masturbate and read and watch things on the
Internet that, although weren’t strictly
pornography, were not good.

I would make many excuses for my habits
and try to live with them. But I would often
feel bad and give the whole problem to God,
again and again. I tried everything to stop the
habits, but nothing worked. Even if they did, it
was only for a short time.

After hearing a CD sermon by Joseph Prince, I
started to confess my righteousness in Christ
when I had lustful thoughts or even when I
gave in to the temptations. I came to believe
that God’s good opinion of me never changes
and I felt no more condemnation.

It doesn’t make sense in the natural but praise God, I am now free
from this problem!

Amazingly, the desire to sin is gone and even
if lustful thoughts enter my mind, I am able to
ignore them.

From the sermons, podcasts, and email
devotionals that I receive, I am increasing in
my understanding of the difference between
doing things in my own strength and resting
in Jesus’ finished work. I am also growing in
grace as I learn more and more about Jesus’ love for me. I thank God and also want to
thank you. This ministry has been such a
blessing to me!

The writer has requested to remain
anonymous | Australia

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