PRAISE Report: Woman Gives Birth To Triplets At IDP Camp In Tanzania

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Nyandwi Velelia, an IDP who lives in Tanzania’s Nduta refugee camp gave birth to triplets four days ago at the camp’s MSF-run maternity ward, where almost 490 babies were born last month.

Nyandwi and her new baby boys are all healthy: the delivery was straightforward and the family was discharged quickly from hospital.
However, many challenges lie ahead for the triplets: their new home is a tent that leaks when it rains and their cradle will be a simple mat on the floor. They will share this accommodation with their mother, father and three other siblings.

“I have no clothes for my newborns and I`m worried that they will get sick,” Nyandwi says.
Nyandwi is one of 89,000 people now living in Nduta camp, where overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions are contributing to a spike in diseases such as malaria.
Photo credit: MSF (Doctors Without Borders)

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