“Prayer Compliments Hardwork” – Nathaniel Bassey

Prayer is not a substitute for hard work. Rather, Prayer Compliments HardWork.” If all it took to win the FIFA World Cup is gathering in the field of play like we always do, then The Super Eagles of Nigeria would have won every FIFA World Cup. But sadly, it takes way more than that.

We pray in the first half. Pray after the first half. And pray at the beginning of the second. Yet….
This just tells you that it takes more than praying and singing “He’s a miracle working God…”
Now this is not just about football. I’m only using this as an illustration.

Prayer is powerful, Wonderful and divine. In fact we have a 12 hour chain on going at the moment. But to think that prayer alone is what we need to fix Nigeria would amount to day dreaming. Because it is not. Prayer may set in motion the resources and chain of events to do so, but the place of design, strategy and sound implementation can not be wished away. It is clearly erroneous theology to think that after we pray things would just fall in place without clear courses of actions taken accordingly. This principle is as through on a personal level as it on a national level.

We must pray and act accordingly. “Actually, your prayer looks for something to ACT ON.”

So don’t just speak in tongues and sing. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

And by he way, I hope the super eagles begin to prepare and work ahead of the World Cup. That way when they gather to pray on the pitch, their prayer finds something to work on.

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