Prayers For Buhari And Nigeria

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PRAYER is the key that unlocks and unleashes the powers of heaven to back up all human endeavours, on this earth. Christians pray, Muslims pray, and even idol and demon worshipers also pray for success in their desires and goals on earth.

We all pray, because the spiritual controls the physical, and both realms operate under strict  laws and principles.

We have spiritual and natural laws, and it takes prayers, to superimpose the spiritual over or on top the natural to give us super- natural experiences on earth.

During the presidential 2015 elections, we prayed for peace, successful elections with no shedding of blood. Many of us prayed for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ, to win, to be given another opportunity by God, to correct some of bad mistakes he made in his first term. He was the first Nigerian President to visit Israel two times to pray, but he neglected the South East, in terms of roads, the 2nd Niger Bridge, Seaport for Igbos, other infrastructure, and issues related to reasons for agitations among South Eastern youth, and so he lost.

The Bible enjoins us to accept every verdict of God with thanks giving, and where we need something different, we go back to God with our supplications.

We dutifully accepted Muhammadu BUHARI as President and for our fears, we will keep them constantly before God, so that we may receive answers in the fullness of God’s divine time.

But the need for prayers for Buhari has arisen because like GEJ, he has started to ignore good tracks to follow strange paths that will lead him nowhere but rejection by Nigerians, who will bear the whole burden.

Buhari as a war General and veteran, simply fought to win , and having won,is taking his time to plan the economy, but the economy has no place for time wasting. Thus, what we all feared has started falling upon this economy, calling us all again to prayers.

Buhari owes those who voted him into power some rewards, but we need to pray for grace for all Nigerians, for it seems we are in days of reckoning for our recklessness of the past.

Squander mania is very much with our political leaders including the Governors, and law makers and poses challenges to citizens who see through all of it in spite of the change slogan of the government.

Today, oil prices have crashed, and it is predicted to continue in the  downward slide, recession is here, hardship is with us, yet our political leaders continue pilfering, stealing and hiding, and for how long will this continue?

Buhari needs Grace of God now, to balance his obvious interests in the north, with the interests of all zones of Nigeria especially the Igbo people who did not vote for him, and may not do so, if they become convinced that he hates them, because the failure to recognise the God given role of Igbos in this economy is the beginning of foolishness.

Buhari is sitting on the common wealth of all Nigerians, and must not be segregational,and discriminatory against any  tribe, in the distribution and application of that wealth, because nothing can elicit agitations for separation more than such an act or conduct.

Buhari wants to sanitize our smelly, dirty, rotten systems. We must pray for Wisdom, Understanding, and Good Counsel for him to balance his chase after corruption, with need to root out corruption from the system.

The fight against corruption in Nigeria cannot succeed by just clamping selected people into jail without a clear plan to root it out in the long run. Nigeria could be damaged permanently out of share overzealousness.

Nerves are quite frailed, people are on edge, poverty is  on its exponential increase, and anything bad could follow. We must pray for peace  in Nigeria. Buhari needs our fervent prayers to be able to deliver us from a civil disobedience, because the tension is out there and getting high by the day.

His fight, against corruption shall eventually peach his tent at some stage against some of his erstwhile cronies and funders, in APC. The signs are obvious.

America and Europe would have given him a list of corrupt persons in Nigeria, and he may have discovered that some of his allies are on that list. He needs our prayers to be able to sort these out successfully.

Many  political office holders have cash hidden at various points, and the fear of being caught could drive them into working against Buhari, We must pray for God’s wisdom to handle all of these now!

We understand that oil have been found in commercial quantities in the north of Nigeria, and our hope is that such should bind us even more as a nation, than divide us, no matter who plays hosts to the northern governors in America or Europe.

Buhari needs prayers to look, see, observe, and give adequate considerations to what will be best for all the Zones of Nigeria, not the north alone to avoid terrible mistakes.

The internet is awash with recent raw cash discoveries by the DSS from the residence of many leaders including the Judiciary, care and maturity must be employed not to damage the high image of the Judiciary in all these, to avoid damaging the society.

The Judiciary remains the most organised, honourable, and untainted system today in Nigeria and Buhari must, keep that system sacrosanct!

The “smiling Crocodiles” in the Niger Delta creeks will have to be replaced with “Peace Makers” And Buhari must as a matter of necessity, develop ears for the youth of the South South and South East, as they will become his albatross if he fails to do so.

Today, all the decisions of our CBN, appear to not to  be helping the Naira to bounce back. We all need grace to survive the trying times that must follow, and only prayers can give us that grace pending when we are able to chart a new course out  of this harsh and hard economic situation we face as common citizens.

Ours is to Watch, and Pray.

Mr.  Clement Udegbe, a lawyer wrote from [email protected], Lagos.

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