Priest Says Women Who Wear Jeans Should Be Drowned For Tempting Men


A priest by the name of Father Sharlom has called on women who wear jeans and trousers to be drowned because they tempt men. A video of the sermon which he gave in a church in the Indian state of Kerala was shared online by a woman named as Jasmine PK. In the footage, Father Sharlom is shown saying:

 “When I go for prayer meetings in some churches, especially during the Holy Mass, I feel like leaving because of some women who I see in front of me. I feel it’s better to kick them out of the church premises.” 

He also condemned women who show off on social media referring to them as “things”. 

He goes on:

 “After I lecture young men on the ways of God, they come to me later and tell me, ‘Father, after absorbing all the knowledge you give us, we exit and are exposed to semi-naked women. We’re involuntarily provoked and aroused’.What have the preachings taught us about this? ‘It’s best to tie the source of provocation down to the depths of the sea.’

“When a father or a young man has come to the church to offer themselves to the God, if you’re standing beside him, having dressed provocatively enough to distract him, you’re a sinner, and you deserve to be tied down to the depths of the sea. And then you complain that you can’t find a groom or a job. Why? Thanks to the way you dress.”

Fellow Kerala priest Father Paul Thellakkat from Kochi condemned his colleague.

He said:

 “What that preacher has said is unwarranted. No priest has the right to dictate a dress code to women. Men and women are a reflection of God and both are equal and beautiful.”

The sermon has drawn the ire of internet users with many condemning it as a hate speech.

Watch the video below…

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