PyRexx Freed From Jail, Watch His Son Jump Into His Arms For First Time After Release


Jailed in December for allegedly assaulting a
SeaWorld haunted house employee, PyRexx is
back. The Houston-based Christian rapper’s case
has been dismissed after he spent 30 days behind

A friend of his recorded the first moments after his
release in the following video.

While in the Harris County Jail, where PyRexx wrote
an open letter to Rapzilla to explain what led to his arrest, PyRexx missed spending Christmas with his
family and the birth of his new adopted son.

PyRexx’s mentor Tre9 recorded a video below of PyRexx responding to the incident on the night of
his release. In the video, PyRexx apologized for
what he did at SeaWorld, thanked everyone who
supported him and his family while he was locked
up and pleaded with gang members to leave the
street life. He also shared lessons he learned.

“I sure won’t be in any haunted houses,” he said. “I
won’t put myself in an environment like that
anymore. I’ve done many, many, many years
incarcerated, and people jumping at me, that type
of stuff, I shouldn’t have put myself in that position.
And I’m a believer, so I shouldn’t be in that realm from the jump anyway.

“And on top of that, what I learned is how quickly
my freedom can be taken away by my past, and the
things that I’ve committed, and the things that I’ve
done, and my life. … These tattoos on my face, these
five felonies I have, it does haunt me.”

Source: Rapzilla

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