Renowned Worship Leader Wale Adenuga Shares “Thoughts On Leading Worship” (Part 1)


The concept that most people have with respect to leading worship is that they think their job is to bring people into God’s presence.

That sounds spiritual. But here’s the question; what if the people you’re leading don’t want to go anywhere? What are you going to do? Also think of how many times you’ve unsuccessfully brought yourself into God’s presence. You now want to lead 100 people there? Abeg!

This concept of leading people into God’s presence is what makes worship leaders and musicians expend so much energy in making the music appealing to their hearers. And to satisfy diversity in church, we sing, 3 fast songs and two slow songs. Or 3 yoruba songs and three Ibo songs. We try to be PDP and APC in worship.

But does this get us anywhere? Is this approach guaranteed to help us know that we met with God and that He’s in the sanctuary? No.

The popular concept about leading worship is to bring people into God’s presence. But then as said yesterday, it’s enough stress to bring yourself alone there. And then, you can’t satisfy the tastes of everyone with your talent. I’m a music person yet I don’t like every kind of music.

So what to do? It’s so much easier to bring God’s presence down than taking people in. Truth is, God is eager to invade where people are. He’s the One that can convince people and touch their hearts. Not us.

Psalm 68:24-26 is an appropriate scripture that buttresses this. It talks about God’s presence coming into the sanctuary. And guess who’s in front of His procession? The singers and the musicians! So what that means is this; you must have an idea of where God is going and what He wants to do.

I love the way David says it in Psalm 22:25 (NIV); “From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly;…” You see, He gives the theme. But many times, we are more concerned about the groove.

So hey, we don’t stand on that stage just to mix and match songs together, sing in parts and play chords. All that should actually be an expression of a direction we sense God is headed.

Next time, I will share on how worship is more than a song. Let me know if this helps in anyway.


Wale Adenuga is a renowned worship leader, Husband, Father, Singer, song writer, social entrepreneur, and Pastor.

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