Revealed: Popular Rapper Weird Mc Now A Gospel Artiste? She Reveals Her Evidence Of Salvation

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Many had felt the promised Messiah was a political leader who will restore the Kingdom of Israel from the Roman yoke when Jesus walked the earth, similarly, in the wake of the new political regime, many Nigerians placed their hope in the promised “change” but like the Jews, some are still waiting for that Messiah.

Although the politics of this world may be as good as winning the election, God still rules the affairs of men and politics is not necessarily His medium, so when one of the leading voices of women and entertainment, Nigerian Hip Hop pioneer Weird MC of “Ijoya” fame announced her salvation during her 2016 birthday while expressing her gratitude to God, what gust of renewed hope the world knew! Especially, the Entertainment Industry.

Adesola “Weird MC” Idowu had a number of hurdles to overcome when she started her music being drawn to Hip Hop as a female artiste. Her 1996 single “Allen Avenue”, a fusion of Hip Hop and Afrobeat off the “Simply Weird” album proved that she marched her challenge with brazenness and undaunted audacity. She returned after a hiatus in the UK with the critically acclaimed “Ijoya” in 2006. A fusion of Garage Beat and Talking Drum, produced by Don Jazzy and JJC. It preceded her “After the Storm” album and if there was any reservations left about her artistic genius – in addition to her on-stage craft – it was laid to rest after the feat.

SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos engaged the iconic artiste in a chat and she lets the world in on her salvation experience and answers the question on everyone’s mind – what will Weird MC’s music sound like going forward?

SelahAfrik: It was a delight to learn that you gave your life to Christ, can you tell us about your salvation story?

Weird MC: It was few months ago, I was coming from a very dark place; couple with the fact that I lost a very close friend, Nomoreloss. It’s really funny because there is this artiste who has always been with me; her name is Ayeesha, a northerner. I didn’t even know she was a Christian at first. She would encourage me to give my heart to Christ and I always reply her that I wasn’t ready because I am the kind of person that when I commit, I give everything. I don’t want to say today I’m saved and then tomorrow, I fall from grace again, but one afternoon, I dropped her at the church and then she asked that I come say hello to her pastor, who asked why I have been holding back. I just felt right there that it was time. I have been edging towards God with my life prior to the period so at that point, I just gave in and from then, I haven’t looked back. This was the 5th of April this year and so far so good it has been awesome. If I knew then the things I know now, I would have done so many things differently.

SelahAfrik: You have shown such tremendous spiritual growth in a short time, what aided the rapid growth?

Weird MC: I feed on the word every day. The way I feed my body, I feed my spirit as well. In addition, I like to listen to TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, David Jeremiah and more. I listen and read what these people are saying. I am constantly feeding my spirit and as long as you are doing that, growth will definitely take place. As I am feeding on these things, I am renewing and transforming my mind every day. If you don’t do this, before you realize it, you will start feeding the flesh again, and since you are dead to the flesh and sin, you have to separate yourself unto God. I’m not saying you should become paranoid or antisocial but be conscious of the fact that you are in the world yet not of the world. Also, you don’t have to take it to the extreme with a cut-throat mentality but be conscious of the fact that you are living by a different set of principle and that you now carry grace.

SelahAfrik: Now that you are born again, will this affect the kind of music you make?

Weird MC: Oh absolutely!  Naturally… you are still going to get the crazy Weird MC on stage but I must edify, I must fortify. I must use my platform because He has given me a gift and I must use the gift to bring people into the fold. People are asking me “Weird MC why [the sudden turn around], and I’m like why not?” He [God] directs my steps now.

We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. I have to bear witness to the goodness of God.

SelahAfrik: In the light of the previous question, do you think you will be okay with being termed a Gospel artiste?

Weird MC: I’m an artiste – period! I don’t think we should put ourselves in boxes. As long as I am churning out content which edifies and fortifies, you don’t necessarily have to call me a Gospel artiste. R.Kelly is not a Gospel artiste and he has released songs such as “I Believe I can Fly”, “Heaven I Need a Hug”, “You Save Me”, that edifies. Whitney Houston has songs like that as well and she is not necessarily boxed into that label. So, I’m an artiste who is willing to share the peace, awesomeness of the Gospel because we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. I have to bear witness to the goodness of God.

SelahAfrik: Everyone is eager to hear what your next single will sound like, when should we be expecting it?

Weird MC: It will come, trust me. I am working and writing. I see people like Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs, J.Moss and I’m like wow! So, it will come soon. People are on the lookout saying, now that I am saved, are we going to get the same flavour? So definitely soon! God has been wonderful to me and I cannot deny His awesomeness in my life.

SelahAfrik: You have been working on your new album for a while now, with the recent development in your life, does this mean that some of the songs lined up for the album already will be affected too?

Weird MC: Of course, it will be affected. That does not mean you cannot be fly, be who you are and love God. Haa! They are still gonna get some of those energetic bangers! Definitely! Notwithstanding, as an ambassador of Christ, I must share the good news because we have been handed the keys to the Kingdom.

SelahAfrik: As a Christian, what do you think you will bring to the table for Christian Hip Hop, fondly referred to as CHH?

Weird MC: Hip Hop is Hip Hop! Just bring your essence to the table and let God direct you. Look at Lecrae, he is as funky as ever but he still edifies and motivates. I was watching him perform at the Hillsong concert some days ago and I was like – “Yes! This is how it should be done”. So, just come to the table the way you are but let people see that glory in you and they will know that the kind of fruit this person is bearing is different. Hip Hop is one of the most powerful genres of sound out there and that is what the youth listen to. These are your primary objective. You want them to know about the goodness of God so we are still keeping it funky and edgy but we are also saying this is the way to go, this is the wonderful God we serve.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your other Projects

Weird MC: There is an artiste who I have groomed from the past dropping her video soon, I am supervising her work from afar. There are other things which I still want to keep close to my chest for now and not say too much before it is birthed. I am also working on some projects outside of music because the goal is to keep innovating. My pastor, Reverend Sam Adeyemi will say, “you cannot travel within and standstill without”. In time, these things will come to fruition and people will see.

SelahAfrik: What’s a regular day in your life like?

Weird MC: I like my praise and worship when I wake up in the morning. I like to keep it funky so I turn up my Tye Tribbett and Kirk Franklin. I like to keep it high and energetic. I do my devotional and then go on to plan the day, sometimes I’m writing, working or attending a meeting. The ones I can’t go for, I ask my manager to go on my behalf. That’s it basically.

SelahAfrik: Aside the phone, what’s the item we can always find on you?

Weird MC: You can always see my headphone on me… because everything is already on the phone, including my bible just in case I can’t read and I need to play the audio bible.

SelahAfrik: Your best vacation spot in the world?

Weird MC: Hmm… I’d have to say Spain. I like Spain. I like the sunshine; I like the fashion and the music.

SelahAfrik: What would you like to tell us as a parting word?

Weird MC: I just want to let people know God is good. If you find yourself at the end of the tunnel, backed up against the wall, just reach out to Him, you will be surprise. He is always there. It’s not about black and white or race, He’s for everybody.

You cannot travel within and standstill without

Source: Selahafrik

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