Revealed: Sevin Says The Gospel Music Industry Has Become ‘Disgusting’ Do You Agree With Him?


Christian emcee Sevin spoke to gospel plattform
about a series of topics ranging from what’s
wrong with Christian hip-hop, hate, and
advice to give to young artists.

“I don’t believe that we’re celebrating the
right thing in people as a body in Christ,”
said Sevin. “We’re more concerned about a
person’s talent than their life.”

He said that often times the industry takes a
young talented artist and throws him out
into be a witness when he may not even be
ready. “Let’s make sure he has a firm
foundation in the gospel of Jesus of Christ.”

Watch the interview below:

Sevin wants that message to be clear for
young artists. He says you need to be able
to “know God” in order to properly give the
message through music and ministry.

“I can almost credit some of what I have
now to the hatred because I didn’t have the
choice to be accepted here,” said Sevin.

What he means was there was not a
platform to do hip-hop and ministry the
way he does. He had to create and work to
shape an area he could fit in to.

“…The gospel music industry in general, it’s
become disgusting,” said Sevin. “To see this
beautiful bride, to turn it into such a whore.”

See what he’s talking about below:

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