Kingdomboiz Academy: Cultivating exceptional musicians and artists

Kingdomboiz Academy: Cultivating Exceptional Musicians and Artists

Music is art, but more than that it’s a lifestyle and should be developed regularly.

Kingdomboiz Academy is proud to announce its position as a leading College of Musicians, dedicated to refining talents and nurturing artistic excellence.

Aspiring musicians who become Kingdomboiz Institute Music students immerse themselves in a world of unparalleled artistry, with graduates going on to become highly sought-after performers in the classical music realm, gracing stages across the globe.

Kingdomboiz Academy are committed to equipping and training individuals to become leaders in their respective fields.

Kingdomboiz Academy also have a Vocal Training Bootcamp, designed to develop the capacity of singers, songwriters, praise/worship leaders, recording artists, instrumentalists, and music directors.

In addition to the comprehensive training programs, Kingdomboiz Academy offers a supportive community for students to connect, share musical interests, exchange ideas, and establish lifelong connections. With their commitment to excellence and passion for music, Kingdomboiz Academy strive to foster an environment that nurtures creativity and collaboration.

Their centers are conveniently located in Abeokuta and Lagos, offering easy access for aspiring musicians in these regions.
Also, the classes are very flexible with time frames that can accommodate working class participants and more.

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