Service In Your Room Is Never The Same As Going To Church – Fraih


At some point in our lives, I’m sure we have said
this to ourselves, “I had a long saturday, I’ll just do
my sunday service in my Room” . Most times we are
too relaxed to go to church, some might say they
do not have an offering to give and cant afford to
not give anything when its offering time. And they just decide to stay back at home, sing, dance, Study,
listen to messages, listen to some songs. And then
after 3 hours, they say, yea I had my personal
service in my Room.

I think its Ok But not the Best, if we say it is, how
about the scripture that says ‘not forsaking the
assemblies of yourselves together’…

I opened this thread so we talk about it,
controversial comments are welcomed.
What do you think of personal sunday service in
your closet?

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