Sevin Reveals New Album, Tracklist, Cover, and Preorder

HOG MOB’s Sevin is releasing his latest project From Tha Park 2 Tha Palace with Sevin Duce on November 17th.


  1. Yankin’ (feat. Sevin Duce)

  2. I’m Yours (feat. Sevin Duce & Marcel Jackson)

  3. Outside in (feat. Sevin Duce & Marcel Jackson)

  4. Wilted (feat. Sevin Duce)

  5. So Bright (feat. Sevin Duce & Maclashen)

  6. Help Us (feat. Sevin Duce)

  7. Real 1 (feat. Sevin Duce)

  8. Closer (feat. Sevin Duce)

  9. Fatherhood (feat. Sevin Duce & Marcel Jackson)

  10. 99 (feat. Sevin Duce)

Preorder on Amazon .

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