Shocking!!! Rap Star Snoop Dogg Sings ‘I’ d Rather Have Jesus’


US rap star Snoop Dogg has posted a
video on social media site of him
singing gospel song ‘I’d rather have

The song was made famous during
Billy Graham’s evangelistic rallies by
worship leader George Beverly Shae

Snoop Dogg has given varying responses on
the issue of religion when quizzed about his
own faith.

He was brought up as a Christian but in a
2003 interview with Associated Press, he said:
“As a kid, I was pushed into the Baptist
church, taught that way.

“As an adult, I was able to seek out
information on my own to find out that the
Muslim religion, Rastafari, Baptist, Christian –
that they all the same.

“They all God-fearing people and love is love.
… It’s more based on life and a way of life and
liberty as opposed to religion. Because
religion is so false, because it’s so past tense
and written by someone who is not here. I feel
like religion should be based on the way you live and the way you treat yourself and treat

In an interview with HHDX he explained how
he doesn’t like to push his faith onto anyone.
He said: “It’s not even about being bashful or
shy. I’ve never been offensive with [my
beliefs]. I’ve always been the one to let people
know slowly but surely who I am. I don’t force it on you or try to make you become
what I am”.

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