Signs Of Self Righteousness And Pharisee-ism Among Christians Today


Here are 12 different signs that we can use to
check ourselves to make sure we are not falling
into “pharisee-ism” and becoming self-rightous
and judgmental.

1. We are quick to ignore our own mistakes, and
even quicker to spot the mistakes of others.

2. We focus on our skills and strengths and
ignore our weaknesses. That’s not to say that
we should ignore our strengths and emphasize
our weaknesses, but we must be aware of both
and accept them as always present.

3. We act differently when in front of people than
when we are all alone by ourselves.

4. We value tradition more than people.

5. We value results over relationships. Results
are good, but they are best acquired when done

6. We insist that people follow our way of doing
things — the way we raise our kids, the way we
teach, the way we lead or even the way we

7. We become attracted to the spotlight and find
every opportunity to be placed in it.

8. We’re always looking for the perks and never
sacrificing benefits for the sake of others.

9. We take honor more than we give it.

10. We value convenience over serving others,
and often find it hard to go out of our way for
those who are of an apparent lower stature than

11. We preach advice over the good news.

12. We do things to obtain the praise of man,
rather than the praise of God.

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