“Silence Over Evil Makes You A Devil” Benard Malson Reacts To Cameroonian Doctor In U.S

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The highest evil in this generation is not to kill a man, nor to abort an unborn child, nor steal or covet another’s property, sin is as old as man. Being silent in the face of evil for fear of death is worse.

“Until the Gospel be traded in exchange for this life like the Cameroonian female Doctor based in Houston, Texas who spoke out on COVID-19’s cure in Washington, DC in the trending video of the TURNING POINT USA did, the government will never see the need to lean upon the shoulder of Jesus. And until then, THE LIFE NO GO EVER BALANCE” Benard Mason cried out over the phone this morning talking to His Manager [Chris Victor Ikom].

“I don’t want to be like the good old Germans who quietly watched the Jews being killed, I must speak up. The brave and sound female doctor lamented over the conspiracy and lies while she exposed the true cure for the man made dreaded virus threat torturing the Earth for over 9 months called COVID-19″ Benard Mason added.

“She broke loose against all odds and she purged the dirty cluttered world system with THE TRUTH. She cast her life as a meat for predators to feed on [The world system], She will gain it as promised by Jesus. If we live is Christ, If we die is gain which is life in eternity with the Father and the real purpose of man. It is a WIN WIN situation here, now and always He continued.

I believe both the virus [COVID-19] and lockdown is an agenda for the rulers of the world [the world system]. A caution to all leaders parading this conspiracy, read Psalms 2:1 Benard warned.

Lastly, he pleaded with family and friends to speak up and stand for The Truth always, this is one strong way CHRIST can shine in the fullness of our Victory already won he closed.



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