So Inspiring: Gospel Artiste, Isabella Shares Her Great Marriage Story


Gospel Music Minister. Isabella Shares Marriage Story. She took to her Instagram page. She says…

Shortly after we got married in Port Harcourt in 1995, we unfortunately lost a large sum of money to a bad business deal. That left us in a deep financial mess. Hubstar was running helter-skelter trying to make money but nothing was working. I had a job as a teaching assistant at Norwegian Int School in GRA, PH. I used to earn N17,500 a month which is about £30 in today’s money.  I was also an aerobics instructor at Palomino Gym in the evenings for extra income. We owned an old raggedy VW Beetle. Every month end, I collected my cheque of N17,500 & we drove straight to the bank & cashed the cheque. Then I would hand the money to hubstar & then gently ask him for money for stuff for the house (which would literally be all the money). But he was the one dispensing the money.

At weekends I would go to Oil Mill market to buy second hand exercise clothes which I sold to the ladies who attended my aerobics classes. My classes were quite popular BTW 😆. Some weekends, we would drive to Aba to buy fabrics & drop off for the Tailor who made T-Shirts for us to sell. Our car was a mobile clothes store!
During this time, I noticed my husband was a bit more sensitive than usual so I was very careful to show him utmost honour & respect. I was careful never to give the impression that his place as the head & provider of our home was under question, just because of his temporary set back. This went on for close to two years.

Fast forward 22 years later, my income today is nowhere near my husband’s earnings. He earns so much more, withholds nothing from us and is ever ready to sacrifice. Whenever we speak about that season of our life, he only remembers the positive impact my behaviour had on him.
Dear godly wife & helpmate, please NEVER ridicule or rubbish your husband during his TEMPORARY down season, e.g. after the loss of a job, business, material wealth, accident or ill health. Especially if you know him to be a hardworking & forward-thinking man (not habitually lazy & nonchalant). The resentment built in his heart during that season (if you constantly rub it in) could be very toxic and PERMANENTLY damaging to your relationship.
Blessings ❤

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