So Inspiring! This 20 Year Old Nigerian Girl Lost Her Leg 7 Years Ago But Isn’t Giving Up On Her Big Dreams

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This post by this young lady namedDoris (@dorisstillsmiling) has been trending on social media for a few hours and we just had to share because it is so inspiring.

From a post shared on her social media page, she talks about how she had to have her leg amputated about 7 years ago but she has kept her positivity and ambitions.

See her post below.

Happy anniversary to me!

Today makes it the 7th year of my survival. I shall rejoice during the month of November because this is the month that I had my right leg amputated.  When God decided that I can be a better person than what I thought I might have been.

November – the month when I stepped into the gravel road, it was never easy; the pain, tears, heartbreak, torture, depression and all the negative vices you can imagine.

After accepting myself for who I am, today I know happiness, love, care, faith, hope, strength and vision with a purpose to be alive because I never gave up. I was not cursed but God chose me to be His living testimony. He made it a point that I am different from majority. Look at me 7 years later, I am a queen and I have been positive.

I am 20 years old, I am a confident young woman. I believe that disability is attitude. I believe I’m no difference from any woman and I cannot be defined less than that. Basically, I choose not to be defined by my challenges. So in my 7 years as an amputee, I have learned to have self-love, my clutches are my best accessories. I always have my beautiful smile as my make-up.  It defines me before the world. It is the voice to my silence.

I see so much faith in myself and it scares me. To think of where I have been and where I am going makes me emotional. I will change the world tomorrow!

I am happy with or without a limb!! FOOTNOTE:
– That something wonderful is going to happen even with all the ups and downs.
– Never take a day for granted.
– Cherish the little things and hug the ones you love.
– No pain, no gain.
– I believe we are all bound to face challenges and when they come, we have got to be strong.

#7YearsAnniversary #AmputeeWithBigDreams #DisabilityIsAttitude #ConfidentQueen

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