Stop Promoting Your Self And Image – Nathaniel Bassey Advices Music Minister


Nathaniel Bassey passes message to music minister.. He says..

Dear music ministers, pls let me share something
sincerely from my heart to you. And i dont say this
because i think i have arrived. not even started. but
rather, i say this because i have seen these
principles work like night and day. And here it is:
Forget about trying to promote your brand and image. putting and pushing your face everywhere.
Rather become A VOICE. when you are a voice,
people will look for your face. And would spread it
themselves. John the Baptist was a VOICE in the
wilderness. yet, people found their way to the
desert just to hear him speak. Your duty is to make sure heaven knows your voice and sound. when
that happens, men will have to trace it to your face.
Bottom line is this. Seek God. not the promotion of
self and image. The world will have no choice but to
seek you to know your God. Have a great

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18 thoughts on “Stop Promoting Your Self And Image – Nathaniel Bassey Advices Music Minister

  1. True, it’s the grace of God that promotes. However you need to position yourself and be in a position to be heard. John the Baptist, though in the wilderness, had an audience, it’s that audience that spread his news abroad.

  2. Indeed people will seek to hear from the wilderness. . .the voice of the great God coming down from heaven through his servant . .. .Hallelujah . .

  3. When Great Men,Raise from Da Heavenly Kingdom speaks,the earth will know bcoz their words shakes the heart of the People,God Over Everything,God bless u Sir

  4. the Bible says we are the made in the image and person of God, Jesus said he who have seen me have seen the father, Even Jesus fame was Spread abroad and he said greater works shall we do

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