STORY: Adele Is Wowed By Jamie-Grace’s Powerful Cover At Concert


Christian songstress Jamie Grace had the ultimate
dream fan experience last night as she was called
on stage by Adele to sing with her.
Grace was sitting close to the front of the stage and
just so happened to pick the young singer to join
her on stage.

From there, Jamie did not disappoint as a clearly
impressed Adele told her to sing “whatever you
want” once Grace tried to give the microphone

She then chose to sing a powerful rendition of “I
Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” a classic Elvis song.

“I just sang on stage with Adele. I CANNOT Y’all. She
said she loved my voice. How?” the singer posted
to social media

Watch Grace and her sister Morgan cover Adele’s
“Remedy” in their group Harper Still below:


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