STORY: Lecrae’s BET Award Win Sparks Criticism From Artists & Fans

Lecrae recently took home his second BET Award for “Best Gospel/Inspirational Award” for his song “Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination),” and some people were not happy about this.

For one, the category is for gospel artists, Lecrae is not a gospel artist, he is a rapper. Issue number two is that people feel that Lecrae distancing himself from the “Christian moniker” should disqualify him for the award. The third issue people have is they feel it is hypocritical of him to go and receive it. In other words, if he has a problem being called a Christian rapper, then why doesn’t he have a problem accepting awards on behalf of Christian artists.

He sort of alluded to receiving awards in “whatever category” in his Facebook post:

“I don’t do it for the Awards…but the rewards. Whatever category it is I’m just glad people appreciate my art. God is the master artist I’m just trying to be like Him. Thanks to those in the 11Six movement. And anyone who supported me even on my worst day. I love y’all.”

There was some fierce dialogue in the comments with people saying he should be nominated among the regular rappers, he should be nominated as a Christian rapper, and some saying he shouldn’t accept any awards at all. Take a look at the comments below: .

A few gospel artists spoke out about Lecrae winning too.

“It’s ok not to be a true gospel artist but if NOT don’t accept the AWARD give it to those who are,” wrote Bishop Hezekiah Walker on his Instagram.

Deitrick Haddon reposted Walker’s Instagram caption and added, “Hahz, Twyse, Da’Truth thank you for staying true to the Gospel as a Gospel Rapper. #BETAwards.”

Deitrick’s wife Dominique also made a statement, “We can’t use the vehicle of gospel to take us to our destination then act like the vehicle didn’t get you there because it isn’t cool or popular.”

So what do you think? Will Lecrae’s music ever transcend the box of being labeled Christian? Also, do you feel he should accept awards that explicitly Christian artists or rappers could win?

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