STORY: Thi’sl, Why People Still Think Christianity Is The White Man Religion


Thi’sl’s first book Against All Odds was published earlier this year, and he revealed in an interview
with music blog at Legacy Conference 2016 that he’s planning on writing another one titled Reimagining
the Christ.

Reimagining the Christ would expound on what he
addressed in his presentation for Legacy’s
“Engaging the Culture with the Gospel” workshop
“The depictions of a ‘white Jesus’ has become a
stumbling block in the furthering of the Gospel in
urban communities, and we are paying the price,”
the session’s description read. “Many in the black community are leaving the church and are now
turning to other cults and religions as a result. In
the height of racial tensions, it is more important
than ever to present Jesus in His proper context.
We will also discuss what the black community
found in their search for the new MLK and the rise of Hebrew Israelites.”

Here is an excerpt of Thi’sl’s presentation.

Watch Video Below..

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