Support & Encourage Your Music Ministers – Nathaniel Bassey Speaks


Nathaniel Bassey posted on his Facebook wall He says.

Shalom Saints, I don’t need to ask you how much
you have been blessed by wonderful and true
music ministers in Nigeria and beyond. Please
remember to pray for them. Or do I say, pray for us.
Pray for their families, ministries, travels, health and finances. The devil hates true ministers of the
gospel. Whether in word or music. Pray for our
families,me specially marriages. This is what I have
found. The devil is not as interested in killing them
physically, as much as he is in doing so spiritually.
He knows if he gets them to fall, many other people would be affected.Divorces, sexual scandals and all,
are his desires. But he is a liar.
Also encourage financially – Sow into their
ministries, get their caller tunes. Buy their CDs, etc. a
when you do so, you are establishing the kingdom
of God. Identify talented ones and sponsor their projects. I am here today because God used people
to do all these in my life. I try to do so too, but
there’s only so much I can do. Bless them with gifts
and good counsel.
Pray for those going through rough patches,
instead of criticizing them. Finally, please pray for our own ISRAEL HOUGHTON,
who is going through a challenge in his marriage at
this time. Ask God to heal and restore his marriage.
Pray that the same God that healed and restored
pastor Benny Hinn’s home and marriage will do so
for his son ISRAEL. His ministry has been a blessing to the body of Christ. There virtually no christian
who doesn’t sing YOU ARE ALPHA AND OMEGA.
God bless you as you do these, in Jesus’ mighty
name. Amen.

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