THE ALPHA LIST: Supporting The Christian Hip Hop Movement In Nigeria

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The Ministry Africa presents The Alpha List:  This list is just to have accurate data of all Christian Hip Hop artiste in Nigeria, it’s also to let foreign artiste to view Christian Hip Hop artiste in Nigeria and get familiar with them as well and lastly this would be shared with all media houses who wishes to make use of them. All coalition of these list would be uploaded on our site for people to review. This is for promotional use only.

We working as hard as possible to make sure CHH in Nigeria gets to the point it’s meant to be. Getting us to an effective visibility state. Creating a sound that can’t be looked down upon but embraced on, embracing what we represent through our arts. So please support us, as we try to support you.

Follow the link to fill the form or send us an email in the same format of the form.

Email: [email protected]

NOTE: Only for Christian Hip Hop artiste in Nigeria…

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