The Role Of Churches In Solving Nigeria’s Economic Challenges

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Today’s Nigeria economy is really becoming uninteresting and a bit sickening, this has made me ponder so much and left me totally confused. I have asked myself what are the roles of today’s believers? Joseph was a man that God used to plan for the raining days of a country and he saved an entire country and his family from Famine. Jesus Christ fed 5000 women, and performed lot of miracles. With these and many more I am totally convinced that the church is fully Empowered to solve the present predicament Nigeria is in.

Please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the efforts of various churches in organizing leadership and empowerment seminars eg Daystar Leadership conference, Convent Centre’s -The Platform, RCCG Conventions, Winners’ Shiloh, TREM’s Kingdom Life Conference etc. However, what the country need from the church at this point is way beyond that. 
All through the remaining period of the year, October, November, Decemeber churches will be filled up with Church goers praying to close the year 2016 strongly and start the year 2017 in a much better way! And believe me the church gives so much hope to those with faith and believes! After this Hope, Faith and Believe what more? Empowerment seminars and Leadership trainings? Is that enough? No that isn’t enough! We need churches that can use its might to solve particular problem(s) of the country.

I remember few years ago Daystar came up with a project to ensure Nigerians enjoy constant power supply, but we never heard about the campaign anymore. We have also heard of Pastors vying for political positions to assist in solving the national problems, what a fantastic step,however the Bible clearly identify to us not to ” yoke with unbelievers”.

Then how do I want the church to be a game changer? It is simple, why can’t we have one or 2 churches going into mainstream agriculture as part of their missionary work, most of them raise funds for missionary works outside the country with minimal or no ROI(mind you I know it is not meant for profit) , but it is long overdue for the big churches to start venturing in solving real life problems and not “educational” problems alone.

It is worthy to note that great professionals are “church goers” and they can give their services to churches on Pro bono, with this churches can have an industry of their choice for the purpose of solving problems.

The time has come to not only buy Private jets (in dollars and putting pressure on the Forex) importing church equipment in Billions of Naira etc

We can truly show the world “how missionary work can be done” not just by opening schools alone and the graduate of the schools not even having any paid employment.

I have a strong feeling that the church has the right solution to Nigeria’s problems.

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: I am just a concerned Nigerian and a Christian, thread isn’t for insults but to discuss how we can get Nigeria out of this mess

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