“There Was A Time Govt. Said They Will Be Controlling Who Leads The Church” – Bishop David Oyedepo

Government here was making a draconian law, hate speech.
If you speak hatefully, you have committed murder.

Now! Wait a minute!
(saying) “I will kill you” or “I have killed you” which one is a crime?
I don’t understand which kind of animal farm we are living in.
How many remember George Orwell’s book? Animal Farm?
You should remember.
We live in a Kingdom of Beasts.
How dare you?
That “Stop stepping on my toes”
You say it’s hate speech
Then someone kills someone and is on the street.
The most stupid and irresponsible.
You are bad you say it’s a crime.
That you are evil, you shouldn’t be a leader you say it’s a crime.

In my view,

this government is the worst thing that ever happened to Nigeria.
Infact it’s like a curse.
I’ve been here for some time.
The worst, no direction.
Their days are numbered.

There was a time the said they will be controlling who leads the Church.
Do you want to find out who will be the next leader?
Are you a shareholder?
If you don’t know your rights, any devil will rob you of it.
I knew it won’t happen.
And some fellows that should advise against the policies, like mumu!
Instead of them to say this thing is not wise.

Bishop oyedepo

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