Things God Told Me to Tell You: He Is Not A Monster, His Words Are Actually For Our Protection!


No, I am not a pastor or minister or anything like that. What I am is a growing believer moved to share my discoveries about God, and this thing called life with you

There a lot of people that see God as this scary guy who puts out rules and is ready to punish anyone who dares to disobey.

I disagree, not just because He has proven His love for us time and time again (He sent His son to die for us, for crying out loud), but because if you change your perspective you will see that those rules are actually for our protection.

When He says, ‘thou shall not commit adultery,’ do you really think that is for His benefit or ours?

He is not a monster, His words are actually for our protection!

It’s like when our parents tell us not to bad things or to do great in school, we think they are just being mean, that they do not like us, that they do not want us to ruin the family name.

But really who gets ruined, us the kids or them? We are the ones who suffer when we do things that we were warned about, it is our future that is affected when we do not do well in school.

It is the same thing with God. In the long run, we are the ones who ruin our lives by not obeying His words.

God gains nothing from these ‘rules,’ we are the ones that have everything to lose by not following them.

He is not going anywhere and He is not going to stop loving us, but disobeying Him hurts BOTH of us especially us because He really has nothing to lose.

P.S: God is not out to get you, rather He wants to save you, to keep safe, out of harm’s way. He loves you so much and simply wants what’s best for you.

God loves us SO much

Bear this in mind the next time you are faced with His words.

This is the third article in the ‘Things God Told Me to Tell You‘ series. The first was ‘Love is the ONLY reason for our existence.’

The next article comes out on Tuesday (April 11, 2017.)

Written: Udodiong

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