“Those Who Want Nigeria To Divide Are Agents Of The Devil” – Bishop Adeoye


A Pentecostal Bishop, Rt. Rev. Seun Adeoye has advised agitators of self-independence of ethnic groups in Nigeria to forget it, declaring that God is totally against such move.

Rather, the cleric advised that all concern Nigerians should come together to kick out and completely expel irresponsible and bad leaders who put Nigeria in the mess it is in presently. In a statement issued in Osogbo on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, and titled,“I believe in one Nigeria; I pray for one Nigeria”, the leader of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministry (SGTM), Okinni, Osun State opined that the amalgamation of Nigeria 103 years ago was actually ordained by God.

He said, “Let us check the map of Africa as designed by the Almighty God and not humans and see again the place of Nigeria as highlighted by men but permitted by God. Our country is the heart of Africa.
“Heart is the centre of a man. Nigeria is expected to think for Africa and lead the continent. We will still do because that is God’s plan for this country.  If Nigeria, the heart of Africa splits, then, the whole continent will be up in flame. Nigeria cannot be divided; this country is bordered by God. I live in a part of this country where some narrow-minded elements were agitating for what they called the Oduduwa Republic.”

“I am bold to inform them that this attempt will be a futile exercise. They are only day-dreaming. God will never sanction it.We must work for Nigeria peace and unity. We are where we are because of bad governance and negligent and selfish leaders. I love this green-while-green flag and I have friends across the federation. I am happy to be a Nigerian just like many others.”

“Those who want Nigeria divided are evil-minded; they are agents of the devil. If God was not part of the plan to make Nigeria a country in the 1914 amalgamation by Lord Lugard, we wouldn’t have survived for 103 years. I call on all and sundry that we should rather work together to bring an end to bad leadership rather than planning to bring an end to the geographical entity called Nigeria”, Bishop Adeoye stated.

He called on Nigerians to pray for the country and together find solutions to the myriad of problems facing the country.

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