Timgodfrey Shares Testimony About How God Saved His Son & Nanny From House Fire

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He Took to his instagram account to share the praise report. He said…
Just got back from a vigil to meet this…

Whilst we were ministering a couple of hours ago,fire started in my house due to power fluctuation….my son @bryankingroyalty was lying directly under this spot of the ceiling and where this fire started,but as God would have it,just before it started,my Nanny came to wake him to use the restroom. Whilst he was using the restroom…. immediately the fire started. And as confused as she was…she started pouring water on it….

God by himself stopped the fire. It didn’t go past this particular room…

How would I have explained this….if God did not wake the Nanny, if she had not asked my son to go and use the rest room….and if the fire had continued and took the whole house or the entire estate ,or if the fire had burnt down the room with my son inside and the Nanny also…but to God be all the glory that went ahead and fought for me. we were on the mainland ministering at the @rccgtheShelter (we were on stage for 4 hours). At some point during the ministration i was led to sow a seed to the ministry…didnt know he was working on my behalf.


Dependable dependable God

It doesn’t matter what comes my way

You are still God…

Intentional intentional God…

Everything is working out for my Good

Please people….you should thank Godon my behalf….

It could have been a different story but Akpoazax stepped in ….

Who am I? That you are so mindful…

Help me thank the owner of our souls.

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