Tina Campbell Announces Free Tour With Husband After Restoring Marriage Wracked By Affairs

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Instead of charging fans of her music and hit “Mary Mary” television series to watch her perform, Tina Campbell is giving everyone an opportunity to experience her tour for free.

Campbell, the 41-year-old Mary Mary singer who released her first solo album It’s Personal last year, is embarking on a tour in the fall across 36 cities. She unveiled the premise of the free show on Instagram.


“Once you find your identity in Christ, you just can’t keep quiet about it…….SO IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL LOUD!!!!! Come and experience the journey of a once broken man and woman who find their identity in Christ and walk through the process of #reconciliation #transformation and #deliverance, completely unashamed while the whole world watches,” Campbell wrote on the Instagram account she shares with her husband. “This night of #revival is coming to 36 cities this fall and IT’S FREE. We hope you will attend.”

The show is called the “Teddy & Tina 2016 Fall Tour,” and includes the singer’s drummer husband who also helped create her album. After the pair publicly dealt with infidelities that have taken place in their marriage, they created a unique event that may be a glimpse of what’s to come on their fall tour.

In a 2014 interview, Campbell told the christian post, “When people go through devastating scenarios in their lives they go through a great transformation. Sometimes I’m singing that, sometimes I’m saying that, sometimes I’m praying and confessing that.”

She also talked about her husband, Teddy, “I tell you that men will be blown away to hear my husband speak about what his journey consists of, because my husband is just as candid as I am. We don’t believe in being embarrassed or ashamed or whatever,” she said. “If you open yourself up to God and give him your total truth, he will give you his total blessing. That’s what we did and that’s what God did.”

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