Tinal Campbell Reveals Focus Of Next Solo Project, ‘A Song And A Prayer’


With the success of her first solo album and
book, Tina Campbell is showing no signs of
slowing down by revealing her next project.

The 42-year-old Mary Mary singer who
released her first solo album It’s Personal last
year, plans to follow up with another project
next fall called A Song And A Prayer.

“I’m also working on A Song and A Prayer
project. I may be releasing that with a really
really huge retailer but if that doesn’t work out,
I’ll release independently,” Campbell revealed
in an interview with Parle magazine. “And wherever I go and whatever I do, I will make
sure I have it available.”

The singer-songwriter who already released
the music video for “Speak The Word” said she
has filmed visuals for additional songs from her
It’s Personal album. However, she has timed
their releases around her upcoming project.

“[The] three videos are ‘Life,’ ‘Speak The Word’
and ‘Destiny.’ And then there’s three live studio
performances and then the prayers are
interwoven in and out. So it will be another
visual presentation,” she told Parle. “So that’s
what the other two videos are for. But right now everybody gets to enjoy ‘Speak The Word’
until the other project is ready to launch, which
at the latest will be ready in the fall. If it doesn’t
come out before with one of the larger outlets,
I will do it myself independently, then I will
launch it on my tour, An Evening with Tina & Teddy Campbell in the fall.”

Campbell previously spoke about her
nationwide tour, which she is embarking on
with her musician husband and is free to the
public. She unveiled the premise of the free
shows on Instagram.

“Once you find your identity in Christ, you just
can’t keep quiet about it…….SO IT’S ABOUT TO
GET REAL LOUD!!!!! Come and experience the
journey of a once broken man and woman
who find their identity in Christ and walk
through the process of #reconciliation #transformation and #deliverance, completely
unashamed while the whole world watches,”
Campbell wrote on the Instagram account she shares with her husband. “This night of
#revival is coming to 36 cities this fall and IT’S
FREE. We hope you will attend.”

After the pair publicly dealt with infidelities that
have taken place in their marriage, they created
an event two years ago that might give fans a
glimpse into what’s to come during their fall

During an interview with The Christian Post in 2014, Tina explained the concept behind the
couple’s “An Evening With Tina Campbell”
which linked her devotional book I Need a Day
to Pray with her album.

“I figured I would create the model or create
the event, create what God gave me to give to
the world and we’ll just see what He does with
it. I mean, I really wanted to share with people
what He’s done,” Tina told CP. “When people go through devastating scenarios in their lives
they go through a great transformation.
Sometimes I’m singing that, sometimes I’m
saying that, sometimes I’m praying and
confessing that.”

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