Tips: 5 Signs You’ve Overstayed Your Welcome & Tips For Being A Good Guest


Here are 5 signs to know that you have overstayed your welcome.

Everyone always retires early
For some reason, no one wants to stay up and chat anymore, they all just retire to their rooms. It could be a coincidence though, but yeah, it happens very often.

No one asks if you are hungry
You are no longer lovingly welcomed with “Will you
have dinner, there’s some tasty jollof on the cooker.” You find the kitchen very very clean, with no food in sight.

How are your parents at home?
They start asking how your parents are faring and if you speak with them all the time. Once in a while you get an “I hope they don’t miss you too much o”

They start to ask about your mission there
They suddenly become interested in your mission; how is the clearance going? Hope no problems? What’s holding you? Enya! God will see you through.

The point is, staying with people who aren’t your family can become pretty stifling. Here are a few ways to make it easier on your hosts.

Offer to help out around the house
Participate in chores and family activities, be eager to help. Stay useful.

Come with gifts
Whenever you visit, go there bearing gifts to show you appreciate the hospitality, if they have kids, ordinary bread can go a long way.

Try to stick to your plan
Let 3 days be 3 days. If there are any changes, tell them about it. Just don’t stay on and feel they are okay with it.

Once in a while, replace something that has finished
Offer to buy fuel if they drive you around. Buy some provisions for the kids. Show care.

Clean up after yourself, always.

Be grateful
Always tell them how grateful you are for their hospitality, back it up by being tolerant of their house rules. When in Rome…

Ever stayed with someone or hosted a guest? Do share your experiences.

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