Tokkida Semlek (Founder, GomAwards) Slams The Organisers Of Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards


Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards
NBMA Lagos, Nigeria


I applaud the organisers of the 6th Nigerian
Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA) which took
place on 27th February, 2016 at Barcelona Hotel,
Wuse2 Abuja, for their consistancy and painstaking
in the business of Recognising, Appreciating and
Celebrating hardwork and excellence in the broadcast (Media) profession.

Your choice of hosting the 6th Edition in F.C.T Abuja
(Barcelona Hotel) other than Lagos State is indeed
commendable. It shows your ability to carry all
broadcasters along. I must say “Thumbs up”.

Meanwhile, despite the successfully hosting of the
6th NBMA, I noticed a lot of flaws and lack of
professionalism at the over HYPED Award event.

The event was poorly managed/organised, despite
the presence of top-rated Government officials,
media veterans, Broadcast gurus, media houses
and fans.

Though, we took advantage of the boring
moments to network with fellow personalities

I was disappointed when I heard some respected
broadcasters said ” When you hear of NBMA, just
shout zero”. “They better continue hosting the
award in Lagos, cos Abuja is used to classic and
well package events”

“A 6 year old baby suppose don dey waka and talk
na” Growth and Development.

Here are my observations at the award event:

  1. The event which was slated for 2pm (Red Carpet)
    and 4pm (Main Event), started 2hrs behind the
    scheduled time.
    Nominees/broadcaster came exactly 2pm cos, it is a
    noble profession that values and respects time.
    Though, the RED CARPET was fantastic and amazing, couple with the cocktail for
    guest but less of media presence.
    The Minister of Communication, Barr Abdur-
    Raheem Adebayo Shittu came-in some minutes to
    6pm and immediately the main event started.
    Though, he spent just 20 minutes at the event.

  2. The HOSTS (Isaac and Nneka Moses of Goge
    Africa) didn’t impress us, while anchoring the
    event. Though, I blame it on the organisers, cos
    they weren’t told of how to co-ordinate the event
    before time. (No Rehearsal)

  3. The sound provided by DJ PHYZ was below
    expectation. There were a lot of sound distortion of
    microphones throughout the event.

  4. No musical artiste/comedian to entertain guests
    at the event. Artistes performance is vital in an
    award event.

We kept hearing countless boring and unnecessary
musical interludes by the DJ.
Guests are always seen with grim faces when musical interlude is being announced by the HOSTs.

  1. No live tweets to feed their twitter/online
    followers of happenings at the event.

  2. The categories were too much (117 categories),
    that some WINNER didn’t receive their Plaques at
    the event. Though, they promised to send it to their
    various locations.

After wasting our precious time at the boring event,
the Veteran Television personality Mr Isaac Moses (Host) Announced the closure of the event and that
some categories won’t be called.
We saw guests and nominees booing and
screaming “No no no no, you must announce the
WINNERS even though, the plaques won’t be given
to them”

It was obvious, not all plaques were available at the

  1. The Award Presenters were un-professional and
    bored. We saw One person presenting award to
    more than 7 different categories at a go.
    It was painful and disheartening to see the HOSTs
    presenting 80% of the awards to the WINNERS
    back to back.

  2. 70% percent of the WINNER weren’t present at
    the event to receive their plaque. Maybe, they
    under-rated the award event.

I adjudge the 6th Nigerian Broadcasters Merit
Awards as unprofessional, wack and my worst
ever attended event for now.

Nominees, broadcasters and fans traveled from far
and wide to witness boredom instead of the most
anticipated fun attached to award events.


I gladly advise the Organiser/Initiator of Nigerian
Broadcasters Merit Awards (Mr Kazeem Poopola) to
CONSULT Tok86 Int’l (Organisers of Gospelite Music
Awards) to manage the subsequent award event
or provide professional award event management
service to them.

Congratulations to NBMA

Congratulations to All Nominees

Congratulations to All Winners

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