What If The Early Church Had Prayed That Saul Should Die?

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Wow. A must read. A member of Kingdomboiz composed this lovely article titled #What If The Early Church Had Prayed That Saul Should Die?

if todays’s christians were the one’s being
persecuted by Saul of tarsus, what would be their
“All those persecuting fall down and die – by fire by

If such a prayer were answered, I dont think even
the church would know how great its loss would
They’d be rejoicing that their enemy is gone, but in
God’s eyes a big tear drop would be forming..

Sometimes not all enemies need to die for us to
make progress.
And our making progress isnt the best objective of
all , bu the advancement of God’s kingdom.

God’s kingdom, not our kingdom (our peace,
prosperity, well being) , should be the highest

Thank God, saul lived to repent and become what
he eventually became – a firebrand for God. An

that made all other apostles before him look like
kindergaten kids in the things of God!!

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